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Archive for February 6th, 2010

Showing the Version for an MVC App

Technorati Tags: MVC,ASP.NET,VS 2010 The primary MVC (Model-View-Controller) application that I’m working on is called KarlZMvc resulting in a dll called KarlZMvc.dll. To get the version output on my Site.Master page I need to include the following line: Code Snippet <%= typeof(KarlZMvc.MvcApplication).Assembly.GetName().Version.ToString() %> I tried all sorts of combinations with the GetExecutingAssembly, or calling, etc. […]

Gentleman’s Smart Key Passive Entry

Technorati Tags: Values,Prius Headline: I enjoy the “Gentleman’s Keyless Entry” that I have with my 2010 Toyota Prius. What do I mean by Gentleman’s Keyless Entry? First I need to review some history. Before Remote Locks There was a day that cars did not have remotes to lock and unlock them. So a driver had […]