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Apple Pie?

I had a link on my site for a long time to Redmond Pie. As you might imagine they were primarily covering Microsoft. Their tag line tonight is “Covering Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the web!” (Bold is theirs) As I do quite regularly I went to their site. Tonight it struck me that they don’t […]

IM–The New Caller ID

Headline: I’ve pretty much reached the point that if you want to call me, you had better IM (Instant Message) me first. I’m almost always online these days… and if I’m not, then I’m probably not in a position to talk on the phone. I’ve notice that increasingly phone calls are made immediately after IM’ing […]

…and the Agony of the Cheap

The Joy of Excellence, and the Agony of the Cheap Yes, this is a play on the old ABC Wide World of Sports slogan, “The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.” I probably should have used “The thrill of quality, and the agony of the cheap.” but my site isn’t called “ThrillOfQuality”. The […]