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A Letter to America and the World

Headline: The very changes we lamented for decades are now strengths that we should now leverage – our disconnected world. We have developed the ability to interact with each other without physical contact!

Perhaps today it should be “Ask not what you can hoard for yourself, but what you can deliver for your country (and the world)”.

Perhaps people in roles of close physical contact (restaurants, bars, stores, etc.) should help by augmenting our virtual capabilities such as deliveries.

We have complained for years

On Products – Each year we watch the online sales as they increase while brick and mortar sales decline.

On Relationships – With various the social apps (too many to mention) we complain that people are physically present, but not mentally as they thumb type away to their acquaintances. 

What’s Our Problem?

Ok, I don’t need to tell anyone. The virus is contagious and close physical contact should be avoided.

Now these are strengths!

On Products – For decades now online sellers have been working to automate as much as possible. They’ve made a great deal of progress particularly in the warehouses. We can order online meaning no physical contact… with such automated warehouses, there are a minimal number of people. Then there is delivery… Drivers can drop off products usually without physical contact.

On Relationships – Here is the important part. This is stressful without a doubt. But if we think about the number of contacts we have that are virtual versus the number of physical contacts, I think we’ll realize that we are quite capable of strong relationships virtually.

What I Prefer

I’m definitely a person that prefers the older ways. Being physically present… being in stores to try things on. I was on a trip recently to France and I seldom had my phone present. And there was no way to have items ordered online and delivered. I had to be “present”. But, the current situation doesn’t make that viable.

So how can we excel?

What can help us now? Roles that require little or no physical contact. Shipping products. Delivering products. Delivering infrastructure like water, electricity, gas, and communications (internet, phone). We have the ability to help each other with minimal physical contact! We have the practice and the ability to do this.

Our past weaknesses are now our strengths!

As you know, the world of limited or no physical interaction is not my preference. However, as a society we have been practicing limited contact for years. We can do this.

What do we need to do?

We need people to ship products, to deliver products. People that were previously in close contact roles need to switch to no-contact roles. If you used to serve meals, deliver food. If you used to sell products, drive and deliver them.

I want to get back to my preferred physical contact world. But until we can get this virus under control, we need to leverage the strengths we’ve build over the past 20+ years to interact with each other with minimal physical contact.

Let’s do this. Let’s turn our past complaints into our strengths!

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  1. karlz says:

    I created this post in part to help me stay sane. Rather than focus on worst case scenarios, I asked myself, “What can I do to make this world a better place?” I have a job that is very conducive to “work from home”. I’ve actually worked from home for over 5 years straight (any many other years as well). Honestly, if I wasn’t already working in a virtual world, I’d probably figure out if I could drive/deliver or in some other way help with our current situation. As it stands, my wife has me spending lots of money to support local businesses, and I hope that my job will allow us to continue that.

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