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TDD Series for MVC 5

Here is a series of posts by Eric Vogel on testing MVC 5 applications: Attain Code Management Nirvana via Test-Driven Development, Part 1 Oh, CRUD … It’s Test-Driven Development for ASP.NET MVC, Part 2 TDD for ASP.NET MVC, Part 3: Contact Service Class

Dynamically Load Bootswatch Themes

This post shows how I dynamically load a user’s selected theme in an MVC 5 application that’s using Bootstrap and Bootswatch. App_Themes Folder I didn’t use use that… So you can skip this section if you like. In the past, different themes were placed in different folders and you could just enumerate the subdirectories in […]


Headline: Here is what I use for authorizing controller and actions in an MVC application that uses the new Claims based authorization. Some Great Resources Before I even begin, let me point people to some great resources I found today on this topic. The first has so many posts on the topic and they are […]

UPPERCASE Menu Items in Visual Studio

I felt the tension go out of my shoulders today when I found this option! Not sure what caused them to think all caps for the menu options would be a good idea.

My Daily Scrum Routine

Headline: This describes my daily routine as I participate on a virtual team scattered about the globe as we work on a project using the Scrum template. The Situation Currently I’m working with a team where no two people are in the same time zone! We’re using Visual Studio Online (VSO) with the Scrum process […]

Related Work Items to Reinforce Good Process

Headline: Always associate related work items to your changesets upon check-in. This post shows an easy way to do that using a Query that also reinforces the process. Scrum Sprint Board Overview Most projects I work on with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server use the Scrum process template. I also do some work using […]

What is a phone?

Headline: Seems the old telephone is going by the wayside… Some observations. Calling from the desktop For several years now I’ve not used a phone in the office. Instead I used other audio communications like Microsoft’s Lync or Skype. I have an excellent microphone and speaker setup… Or, if needed, I have some good headphones […]

Batching Items with EF 6.0

Headline: It’s not too hard to batch items with or without async capabilities in Entity Framework (EF) 6.0. Here I have a large number (ok… not in the sample test, but in real life) of items and I’d like to pull them in as in batches rather than wait for all of them to be […]

Bugs–Cradle to Grave

Headline: If you wrote the bug, you should fix the bug. A friend of mine (Duane) years ago said, “Bugs should be cradle to grave.” And by that, he meant just what I said. If you wrote the bug then you should fix the bug. Why? Cost The original developer can almost always find and […]

A Better PredicateBuilder

Headline: If you are trying to dynamically create queries then Pete Montgomery’s post on A universal PredicateBuilder is a must read. I found lots of references to PredicateBuilder but there was a lot of code and as this post says that original PredicateBuilder “…requires an unnatural call to… AsExpandable…” I’m just putting this post here […]