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Unit Testing HandleErrorAttribute

Code Analysis doesn’t like the former MVC pattern of using a catch for all errors when updating a model. I wanted to use the HandleError attribute to deal with errors, but how should I unit test it? There are several keys to having the HandleError attribute work: Must decorate the Action with [HandleError] Must have […]

Unit Test Authorize Attribute

Technorati Tags: Unit Testing,ASP.NET,MVC,VS 2010 Story: I want to write a unit test to ensure that the Authorize attribute is applied to a controller ActionResult or ViewResult so that security is tested. Here is the test: Unit Test [TestMethod] public void PreviousSiteUserConversion_Authorization_Attributes_Have_Been_Applied() {     // Arrange     MethodInfo varietalMethod = typeof(AdminController).GetMethod("PreviousSiteUserConversion", new Type[] { });       // […]

Impressed with CrystalTech for .NET 4.0

Technorati Tags: .NET 4.0,Hosting,ASP.NET I’ve used CrystalTech for years. They seemed to be falling behind a bit when I started to work with the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. That works MUCH better with IIS 7 than with IIS 6, but CrystalTech only had IIS 6 servers. That’s all changed! I now have no excuses for not […]

MVC – The Start

Technorati Tags: ASP.NET,MVC,Code Analysis,Unit Testing This shows my initial setup of an MVC 2 RC 2 application. Using Visual Studio 2010 RC I selected File –> New –> Project… then under Visual C#, Web, I selected the ASP.NET MVC 2 Web Application. Then when I click OK I get the following dialog. Since I’m a […]

Testing HtmlHelper in MVC 2 RC 2

Technorati Tags: MVC,TDD,Mock,Moq I strive to use TDD (Test Driven Development) so not having unit tests drives me crazy. I was so pleased to run across this post http://ox.no/posts/mocking-htmlhelper-in-aspnet-mvc-rc1-using-moq making it easy for me to unit test the Html Helper. But then I downloaded the MVC 2 RC 2 and all my unit tests for […]

Showing the Version for an MVC App

Technorati Tags: MVC,ASP.NET,VS 2010 The primary MVC (Model-View-Controller) application that I’m working on is called KarlZMvc resulting in a dll called KarlZMvc.dll. To get the version output on my Site.Master page I need to include the following line: Code Snippet <%= typeof(KarlZMvc.MvcApplication).Assembly.GetName().Version.ToString() %> I tried all sorts of combinations with the GetExecutingAssembly, or calling, etc. […]

Globalization in web.config

Technorati Tags: MVC,Globalization,ASP.NET Headline: Putting the following code in the web config (at least for an ASP.NET MVC app) will cause your pages to honor the user’s browser settings. Code Snippet   <!–If culture and uiCulture are set to auto, ASP.NET can set the UI culture and culture for a Web page automatically, based on the […]

Forget the Colon as a Separator

Technorati Tags: MVC,ASP.NET Headline: Only use a colon as a separator when there is no other visible means of separation. Stated differently, “Stop using a colon between a label and a text box!” Back in DOS (Disc Operating System) when there was no graphical user interface we needed a way to let the user know […]

Using AspNetSqlProvider on Your Database

Technorati Tags: ASP.NET Headline: Run “aspnet_regsql.exe”. User Story: As a web developer I want to use the AspNetSqlProviders for my website using an SQL Server database so that I can more easily host the site. Take 1: I was excited about the new ASP.NET MVC 2 being in the beta for 2010. So I created […]

Saturday Night Wrestling with MVC

Ok… It wasn’t really that bad, but it did take some effort. Here was my objective: Now that MVC (ASP.NET Model-View-Controller) 1.1 has been released (not sure how I missed that) to work with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 migrate my evolving website to use the .NET 4.0 beta. I was able to get […]