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Using AspNetSqlProvider on Your Database

Technorati Tags: ASP.NET Headline: Run “aspnet_regsql.exe”. User Story: As a web developer I want to use the AspNetSqlProviders for my website using an SQL Server database so that I can more easily host the site. Take 1: I was excited about the new ASP.NET MVC 2 being in the beta for 2010. So I created […]

Saturday Night Wrestling with MVC

Ok… It wasn’t really that bad, but it did take some effort. Here was my objective: Now that MVC (ASP.NET Model-View-Controller) 1.1 has been released (not sure how I missed that) to work with Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 migrate my evolving website to use the .NET 4.0 beta. I was able to get […]

Leveraging MVC ModelError Using Exceptions

Headline: A very simple change to the DefaultModelBinder will allow you to use default validation capabilities in Microsoft’s MVC (Model-View-Controller) Framework far more effectively. The Problem – Please show my model exceptions to the user! As Steven Sanderson stated in his book, you want to have the validation for your model in an MVC application […]

Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework

A Review of Pro ASP.NET MVC Framework by Steven Sanderson, ISBN 10: 1-4302-1007-9 Update I started taking notes as I went along, but I’ve not stopped. I really recommend taking this book and working through the exercises. I’m confident you’ll be a better developer even if you’re are not particularly interested in MVC. (Of course, […]

Security Trimming for MVC Menus

I can’t believe I couldn’t really find anything on this… I wanted to have the Menus in my MVC (Model-View-Controller) ASP.NET web application honor the security that is in the SiteMapProvider. I found many posts but everything seemed so complicated. So I gave up and thought, “Let me see if I can solve it myself.” […]

Stephen Walther on ASP.NET MVC

I won’t say too much here except that what I’ve read recently on Stephen’s blogs are things that I really agree with… with only a few exceptions. I highly recommend checking Stephen’s blog out if you’re interested in ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller). Here are some links I refer to frequently when using the MVC […]

My Wine Inventory in MVC

This blog post chronicles the development of a new version of my web site to manage my wine inventory. For years I’ve actually managed my wine inventory on the web and allowed others to see that I had… Not the same details I get, but some information. I’d like to revamp the Zachry’s Heritage site […]

Playing with MVC

Headline: I hope Microsoft continues to pursue MVC (Model-View-Controller) for web applications. Details: I’ve been quite busy the past year in my software development director role but I really need to work more on some of the websites I maintain. Most of them were deployed prior to 2005 and while still working fine, I don’t […]